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So I'm just new to ido so perdonez me for not writing in Ido but I think this is important to help get Ido to the people. One of the biggest things I've seen in researching the differences between Ido and Esperanto is that the majority agree that Ido is better at its intended purpose, namely being a universal language than Esperanto is. Though it is also stated that the majority don't support Ido mainly because Esperanto has a greater chance (due to the number of speakers) to succeed at becoming a universal language. This in my mind in unfortunate. I think that using the medium of Duolingo is a great way to help spread the Ido language and perhaps gain greater support in general. Esperanto is already offered on the site but by adding Ido one would have the opportunity to see for themselves the beauty of Ido and compare and contrast the two. The way to do this is to go to where you can click on the tab "contrubute to a course" and select "other" for the course. Then you will be prompted to write why you want to contribute to a course in Ido and then translate your statement into English to show you are fluent. I would do this but I don't have the necessary fluency but hope to soon so I can contribute as well.  What do you all think? 

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Hola! First of all: bonveno! ;-)

I signed up for "Ido for English speakers" about half a year ago (as a contributor and a moderator), and got accepted. I got 2-3 other Idists to also sign up (and they got accepted), but it doesn't seems to be enough. We probably need 5-10 contributors with at least a couple of Moderators.

Duolingo is awesome, and would help Ido in no time (i think it could easily increase the speaker base by 1000%+ right after the release), since NO course on Duolingo has less than 100,000 learners (plus Ido is beautiful!). I have also read old posts on the Duolingo forum, and there is indeed an interest in Ido.

I will re-submit the form, since my knowledge has increased since then, but we need more.

Kar amiki,

Esez bonvenanta aden ita forumo. Ni konkordas ke la Ido-kurso por Angle-parolanti che Duolingo esas bona ideo. Me voluntas helpar quale me povos.

Dear friends,

Welcome to this forum. I agree that having an "Ido for English Speakers" course in Duolingo is a great idea. I will help as much as I can.

Esas bonega. Me ne savas quante homi Duolingo bezonas volontar en ta retosituo por konstruktar ido-kurso. Olu semblas a me ke kelki ja probis sen respondo.

This is what I want to say:

That's great. I don't know how many people Duolingo needs to volunteer in that website to create an ido course. It seems to me that some have already tried without a response.

Se on bezonas plusa membri, me volunte partoprenos. Dicez quale partoprenar.

If more members are needed, I'll gladly participate. Let me know how.


Me sendis e-posto a Duolingo por savar quale komencar kurso ma ankore me vartas respondo.

I sent an e-mail to Duolingo to know how to start a course but I'm still awaiting a response.

Also feel free to correct my Ido. It all helps me learn.


Mea fratino uzas Duolingo por studiar Esperanto. El dicas ke, segun l'Esperantisti, krear kurso bezonos multa laboro e multa homi. Do multi mustas kontributar al kurso. Me ja 'kontributis',

My sister uses Duolingo to study Esperanto. She said that, according to the Esperantists, creating a course requires a lot of work and many people. So we'll need many folks to contribute to the course. I've already signed up to contribute.


Lo esas interesanta pro ke kande me visitis la retopagino e me klikis en linguo kam francio nur li esas 7 kontributisti ed altra lingui nur havas ankor min. Me ne savas se esas altra kriterii ke bezonas satisfacor aparta de jus homi ke volantas kontributar? Me ankore ne recevis respondo di Duolingo.

That's interesting because when I went to the webpage and clicked on a language like french there are only 7 contributors and other languages have still less. I don't know if there are other criteria that need to be met apart from just people willing to contribute. I still haven't received a response from Duolingo yet.


Me repetas to quon me audas. Ma Ido bezonas kontributanti por Angla, Franca, Germana versioni, e.c. Ma ni facez unesma pazo!

I just repeat what I hear. But Ido needs contributors for English, French, German versions, etc. But let's take the first step!


Ta Sonas bona a me.

That sounds good to me.


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