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I will be taking on services on a more often basis, and would like to have a tanslation of Ido version of St John Chrisostom liturgy to use alternating with English. I have picked up some vocabulary in Ido but it must be me where I have to actively be speaking it to make real progress. This would give me that boost as well as provide it for anyone who might happen along that knows or wants to learn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Me pregas por helpo. ( I still really stink at this)

Me havas:


P-Beata esas la Rejlando de La Patro e La Filo e La Santa Spirito, nun e sempre e ad evi de evi.


D-En paco pregez La Sinioro

Paroko - Beata esas la Rej-lando di la Patro, e la Filio, e la Spirito Santa, nun e sempre, e dum la epoki di la epoki.

Asistantaro - Amen

Diakono - En paco ni pregez a la Sinioro.

Awesome! Me vidas mea erori..


Deacon: For the peace from above, and the salvation of our
souls, let us pray to the Lord.

-Diakono: Por paco de alta/supra, e la salvo de nia anmi, pregez a la Sinioro

People: Lord, have mercy.

-populo: Sinioro havas kompato

Deacon: For the peace of the whole world, the good estate of
the holy churches of God, and the union of all, let us pray to
the Lord.
People: Lord, have mercy.

Deacon: For this holy temple, and for them that with faith,
reverence, and fear of God enter herein, let us pray to the
People: Lord, have mercy.

Deacon: For the Orthodox episcopate of the  Church;
for our lord the Very Most Reverend Metropolitan N., First
Hierarch of the Church Abroad; for our lord the
Most Reverend (Archbishop or Bishop N., whose diocese it is): for the
venerable priesthood, the Diaconate in Christ, for all the
clergy and people, let us pray to the Lord.
People: Lord, have mercy.


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