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(Sorry, this is in English)

I run a blog based around conlangs called Áya Dan. I mostly post about Esperanto, Ido, and Láadan, and there are occasionally other authors. Right now mostly Becci Cat and I post.

Recently, I also decided to merge my conlang channels into one location on YouTube, also under the Áya Dan name:

To get it started, I've moved all my videos over to this channel, but I also want this channel to be collaborative. I would also like to see more original Ido content, but with a full time job and gradschool, I'm a little bit busy...

So, I would like to commission some videos for the channel, and I could possibly reimburse people for their time spent. I also want the videos to be good quality, so if you're not an artist, but you want to write a short story in Ido (as an example), I could find an artist to do images for the video for us.

I would require the video script in Ido and English, so that I can more easily add subtitles to it, and then it could also be translated to other languages as well.

So I'm open to any kind of video content, but specifically I'd like to see a few things:

  • Entertainment - perhaps a series of short stories with audio and graphics.
    It could be similar to my video here:
  • Lesson videos - Some lessons on Ido grammar in video form, with spoken audio, and presented in a visually interesting format.
  • Informational videos - Where can one go to use Ido? Online? Offline? Videos of meetups, or a video with a list of places where you can socialize in Ido and/or with Idists (such as this place.)
  • Vlog-format - As long as it's about some topic (not just random rambling), I think it would be good to show people speaking Ido!

If you're interested, the best way to get ahold of me is

Thanks all,


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Comment by Rachel "Wil Sha" Morris on Aprilo 9, 2017 at 9:58pm

lol, Rachel when I was a youngin' my username used to be Lehcar Sirrom. Rachels apparently think similarly. ;P

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