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International-English Dictionary by Beaufront

I found in an old Ido dictionary called the International-English dictionary, I wonder if anyone has a copy. It's one of those photocopy-reprints I think.

I may get a copy because not having an Ido dictionary makes it real hard to learn, and having dictionaries on web sites is not enough, I need a book I can hold in my hand. Once I get a copy I can write a review on, there are none yet, and since the book title and description don't include the word 'Ido', SOMEONE ought to write one just to get that little bit of information into the hands of potential buyers.

Excuse my writing in English without providing Ido translation, I still don't know much Ido yet. (I wish there were a special guide to Ido for Esperanto-speakers to show what's the same and what's different.)

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Comment by Kiran on Decembro 31, 2012 at 1:24pm

Bona jorno Nissa,

Danko pro la bona novajo. Me vidis la libreto che, e me projetos balde komendar lo.

[Angla] As for your request about a guide to Ido for Esperanto speakers, check out:

Kun kordiala saluti,

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